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Communicants Class

We run communicants classes twice each year. Here is a summary of the content of the classes. Should you have any questions on this or would like to be included in the next communicants class, contact minister@joymount.org

1. What is the Lord's Supper all about?
(a) Remembrance
(b) Thanksgiving
(c) Fellowship/Communion
(d) Dedication
What the Bible says(Scriptural References)
1st Corinthians 11:23-29
Matthew 26:26-30
John 6:35 & 56
2. Becoming a Communicant
(a) Church Membership
(b) The 'Right' Age
(c) "Help! I'm not Good Enough"
(d) Dealing with Difficulties
3. Why we Observe the Lord's Supper
(a) A visible Sign of Christ's Presence
(b) Jesus asks us to do this
(c) It keeps the Church close to Christ
(d) It continually refreshes our love for Christ
(e) A way to show our gratitude to Christ
(f) A way of serving Christ
(g) A way of meeting Christ Himself and receiving him to dwell in our hearts
4. The Communion Service
(a) Explain structure of Service
(b) Bread and Wine
5. Preparation for Communion
(a) Self-examination
(b) Repentance
6. Part-taking of Communion
(a) Be on time - make time for prayer
(b) Think about what Christ has done for you
(c) Concentrate on what is being said and sung
(d) Listen for Jesus speaking to you
(e) Think of how you can tell others about Jesus
7. The Life of the Communicant
(a) Prayer
(b) Devotional Reading
(c) The Fellowship of the Church
(d) The Lord's Day
8. Guard the Honour of Christ
9. Trust the Promises of Christ
10. The Communicant Vows
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